Want Challenges and Healthy Body, Try Rock Climbing

If you like sports that have an element of challenge, then rock climbing is right for you. Not only stimulates adrenaline, rock climbing turned out to save many benefits for physical and mental health. Sports rock climbing is generally done in the open filled with high cliffs. However, you can also climb artificial wall cliffs (indoor climbing or wall climbing) which are usually available at sports venues or at special places for this sport. Benefits of Cliff Length Many muscles work when you do rock climbing, both upper and lower body muscles, including your back, abdomen, shoulders, arms, and legs. In fact, your fingers are also trained when climbing a cliff. If done regularly, rock climbing can increase stamina, flexibility and agility of the body, and body muscles become stronger. Here are some other benefits of rock climbing: Improve concentration and problem solving skills. Therapy for depression. Can lose weight, because rock climbing burns calories. Reducing the risk
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